iPeople offers customized and focused Contract Staffing services and solutions for industry verticals such as Technology & Digital, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Retail, CPG, Oil & Gas, and Banking & Financial Services. 

We match the right technology talent with companies across industries and levels for project-based execution for a specific time period. Be it warehouse management personnel, or developers and engineers, or healthcare professionals and medical technicians, we search for and place suitable talent at organizations to meet time-sensitive demands. 

Our expertise is in hiring for Technology, HR, Finance, Accounts, Legal, and other corporate functions. We also assist newly graduated prospective candidates who are looking for jobs that suit their career trajectory.

We drive value for our clients by supporting them in unlocking maximum potential through:

Fast turnaround : Once engaged, we help you with all hiring processes in the minimum amount of time including negotiations and finalizing remuneration. 

Get projects up and running : Contract staffers can start working immediately to help steer projects without any delays for uninterrupted operational efficiency.  

Why Us

We are trusted by hundreds of companies across the globe where we have placed high-impact talent across key functions and skill sets. The proof of the standards and effectiveness of our solutions is in the fact that nearly 90% of our contract staffing clients return for repeat engagements with us. 
We always strive to deliver successful hiring outcomes through:  

Focused Candidate Selection 
Our proven screening process helps identify the strengths and capabilities of experienced professionals and fresh talent to match them accurately with the right roles. 

Latest Industry Insights  
Based on our experience serving major industries and domains globally, we offer customized insights and market intelligence for the role and function you are looking to hire.